Review exercises:

Cold Call Practice

Email Practice

Forecasting Practice

Demo Day

At graduation I do try to find the words that “do justice” to each cohort I am lucky enough to work with. I’m having a hard…

Demo Presentation Practice Week

Picked up some nuggets from everyone:

  • Use yourself as social proof
  • Demonstrate before/after of the pain on the same screen: Creating visual impact. For eg. with Vidyard show an email with text and the other with a Vidyard thumbnail
  • Throw some facts: Gain credibility
  • Connect better…

Started off by talking about onboarding and how to own it.

Cold Call Blitz:

Practice Script

  • Getting ready for next week’s disco demo presentations and then finally, for the demo day if we get qualified.
  • A lot of cold calling and discovery demo practice.

We focused on Closing Techniques this week:

An inspiring scene from Glengarry Glen Ross

Looking into how to handle competitors

FUD can be used for small-ticket products and for companies in the early growth stage

Dug into cold calling and discussed aspects like scripts, techniques, and so on.

Vivek Kava

Tech Sales enthusiast/Uvaro graduate (

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